Green Tea Tips!

October 03, 2018


Green Tea Steeping Tips

I spent last weekend selling a lot of tea at a fair, and gradually I developed a 'pitch' of sorts, but it was not intentional. I just wanted to make sure my customers purchased the tea that was best for them. So, I thought I would tell you my unintentional (but well intentioned) pitch!

My first question concerns what kind of tea do you like? Faced with the choice of black and green teas, where do you land? Many customers would tell me they were into green tea. I tell a customer that any green tea will likely be bitter if they make the mistake of using boiling water.

When your water boils, do not immediately take it off the stove and pour into your cup or tea pot. If you do, you will scorch or burn the tea leaves. Green tea is delicate and if you pour boiling water on it the result is a tea that will taste bitter regardless of how short the steeping time is.

What should you do with green tea? After your water boils, take the kettle off the burner and wait 3-4 minutes for the water to cool. It will still be plenty hot at the 3-4 minute point, and then it is at a reasonable temperature for pouring over your green tea.

The green tea I sell is blended with roses and cherry. The lower temperature and a steeping time of a mere 2 minutes will produce a light tasting and even creamy green tea accented by cherry and rose notes. Had I poured boiling water on this blend of tea, I would have been left with a tea more bitter than an actor nominated for an Oscar but not winning. Bitterness in green tea is all about using water that is way too hot. To borrow the words of Nancy Reagan, "Just say no!" No to boiling hot water!

If you tell me that black tea is your passion then do not to worry about the above boiling water directive. Boiling water is fine! Pour it over your black tea and let it steep a good 4 minutes.

Quality of black tea has a lot to do with whether or not it is a whole leaf tea. Whole leaf tea is far superior to the finely cut teas in gauze bags by the box of a 100 you find at the grocery store. Whole leaf tea will deliver complex, full, rich flavours that simply cannot be achieved by teas on the grocery shelf. The other matter to consider is aroma. Does your whole leaf black tea deliver a rich scent? Probably does. Compare with a box of black tea from the grocery store. The aroma of that tea will be faint, tepid and weak. Why? It's stale.

Good whole leaf tea that has a delightful nose is most assuredly fresh.

That's my tea pitch!


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