Tea Steeping Time!

May 01, 2018

Some teas can be steeped for longer than others before they reach their optimal flavour.  

I find that black teas like Earl Grey and good Ceylon or say Assam teas can be steeped for up to five minutes and not taste bitter.  Those are not the garden variety grocery store teas, but rather only available from specialty vendors like us and our competitors.  

Well, actually competitors is not how I like to think of others who sell fine teas online, but rather as threads in a fabric that make up the quilt of our tea community worldwide.  Harney & Sons, Davids Tea, Sloane Teas and a multitude of other online vendors all make up part of this community that you and I belong to.

Anyway, I have gotten off-track!  Back to where I started.  So, while some teas seem to do well with a lengthy steep time, others do not fare so well.  This insight came to me with my cup of Afternoon Jasmine tea today.  It is a green whole leaf tea with jasmine petals.  Green teas do not do well with immersion times greater than three minutes.  My Afternoon Jasmine is no exception.  I have discovered through sheer happenstance my particular blend of jasmine tea is optimal for tasting at precisely three minutes.  Not four minutes.  After three it becomes too bitter.  At two minutes, it is too weak.  Jasmine tea is a fickle spirit.  Delicate and easily bruised.  So, we have to be precise in our immersion of either loose tea or sachets.

Just a thought for you to consider.

Beaming positive thoughts your way!  Please enjoy the rest of your day!



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