Why I Love Tea!

April 06, 2018

Why I love tea?

It's calming.

I am a recovered coffee drinker.  I have not relapsed in years.

At one time, years ago, not too many actually, I started my day with a big, strong cup of java.  It jolted me awake and got me darting about the house before everyone else was up.  The trouble with coffee is that if I drank too much, I felt jittery and even down right anxious.  If I didn't get enough sleep the night before, the coffee made me feel all the worse.

Addiction too.  If I didn't have my cup of joe by 9am, then I would be in the throes of a wicked migraine by 10am.

One morning there was no coffee in the house.  I panicked.  If I didn't get enough caffeine I would be saddled with a headache.  A bad one.  So, in search of any caffeinated relief, I reached for an unopened tin of loose tea, swag from a baby shower.  A SriLankan and Indian blend.  A classic orange pekoe.  I rummaged through the cupboard and found a strainer, tossed a rounded teaspoon of loose tea in, and submerged it in the boiled water of my tea cup for a good four minutes.

A small sip.  It was hot and I thought it would taste awful and it . . . didn't.  So, I sat on the couch, stared out the picture window at about 5:45am while my cup silently steamed.  Street lights glowed faintly as the sun peered up at the horizon.  I took another sip and it reminded me of being a kid of 12 years and my first sip of dark, reddish black tea that was tannic, strong, but somehow fair and honest like my grandfather who took my brother and I fishing at the country stream that early morning long ago.  

My mind moved aimlessly from there through the rooms and attics of my life and then I noticed something slowly change.  With this cup of tea in my hand, I was calmer than any cup of coffee could ever make me.  I was not hurried.  I was in a word: relaxed.

Now, I start every morning with a cup of good robust tannic tea.  I am not as hurried.  I am more pensive.  I am a better person for having forsaken the coffee bean in favor of the tea leaf.

That's why I love tea!



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