About Us

I started this company out of a simple idea to do work that is positive, rewarding and healthy.  I think entrepreneurship can be healthy when it comes from a good place.  I believe the sale of good tea, creating a few jobs, and giving back to my community is important.  I may sound hokey to some, but that's ok.  Maybe with time, they will understand.  I hope you do.

I and my partner are certainly not the biggest vendors of tea in the world.  That is not our aim.  Our goal is to make a living, live simply and be sunshine.  We are located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

This company is not propelled by the cult of personality or the cultivation of individual celebrity.  I am not branding myself.  Peace Forest Teas is about creating a community of people who love tea, nature and peace.  That's why I am anonymous, but I assure you I am here.

If you ever need to reach out about the website, teas and of course peace and nature, just email me at:


Hope to hear from you!